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No Code Description
1 DASP Archaeological Studies Program
2 DAC Asian Center home page here
3 DAIT Asian Institute of Tourism home page here
4 CAL-GGRR CAL - Gonzalo Gonzalez Reading Room
5 DMUE Center for Ethno Musicology
6 CIDS Center for Integrative and Development Studies
7 DCIS Center for International Studies
8 DCNS Center for Nationalist Studies Library
9 UCWS Center for Women's Studies home page here
10 DARC College of Architecture
11 DCAL College of Arts and Letters home page here
12 DEDUC College of Education
13 DENG College of Engineering Library I home page here
14 DENG-II College of Engineering Library II home page here
15 DCFA College of Fine Arts
16 DCHE College of Home Economics
17 DCHK College of Human Kinetics home page here
18 DLAW College of Law home page here
19 DMC College of Mass Communication
20 DMUS College of Music home page here
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