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AC-13279d HQ 18 J3 /M35 2012 Love, sex, and democracy in Japan during the American Occupation McLelland, Mark Asian Center
AC-13280d NX 180 G56 /M36 2013 Manga's cultural crossroads Asian Center
AC-13281d ML 340.5 /M87 2013 Music, modernity and locality in prewar Japan : Osaka and beyond Asian Center
AC-13283d UA 845 /G68 2014 Governing insecurity in Japan : the domestic discourse and policy response Asian Center
AC-13284d HB 126 J3 /I43 2014 A history of economic science in Japan : the internationalization of economics in the twentieth century Ikeo, Aiko Asian Center
AC-13285d DS 806 /I42 2014 Imagining Japan in postwar East Asia : identity politics, schooling and popular culture Asian Center
AC-13286d DS 806 /P53 2014 Bending adversity : Japan and the art of survival Pilling, David Asian Center
AC-13288d GE 185 E18 E59 2014 Environmental history in East Asia : interdisciplinary perspectives Asian Center
AC-13289d HC 462.95 /Y35 2014 Economic analyses using the overlapping generations model and general equilibrium growth accounting for the Japanese economy : population, agriculture and economic development Yamaguchi, Mitoshi Asian Center
AC-13291d UG 105 /N57 2014 Engineering war and peace in modern Japan, 1868-1964 Nishiyama, Takashi Asian Center
AC-13294d HD 5827 A6 /S66 2014 Inequality in the workplace : labor market reform in Japan and Korea Song, Jiyeoun Asian Center
AC-13297d P 325 Z5 Semantic analysis. Ziff, Paul Asian Center
AC-13298d P 121 L354 Language and its structure: some fundamental linguistic concepts Langacker, Ronald W. Asian Center
AC-13302d PR 1109 A2 1968 The Norton anthology of English literature. Abrams, M. H. Asian Center
AC-13304d PR 1109 A2 1968 The Norton anthology of English literature. Abrams, M. H. Asian Center
AC-13309d HC 462 M63 Why has Japan succeeded? : western technology and the Japanese ethos Morishima, Michio Asian Center
AC-13318d E 59 G6 H86 1992 Human rights violations against the indigenous peoples of the America Asian Center
AC-13326d DS 910.2 R45 2005 Relations between Korea and Southeast Asia in the past Asian Center
AC-13330d HM 831 /D48 2013 Developments in solidarity economy in Asia Asian Center
AC-13332d BJ 1012 N49 2011 Ethics demystified Newman, Micah Asian Center
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