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AC-27587 DS 62.7 /T83 2013 The Middle East in modern world history Tucker, Ernest Asian Center
AC-27589 DS 436 D47 2011 The rediscovery of India Desai, Meghnad Asian Center
AC-27591 HC 427.95 /L62 2013 Cn Thinking the inevitable : China's economic superpower aspiration in the new paradigm Lo, Chi Asian Center
AC-27592 GN 345.7 /G36 2013 Gen Understanding global cultures : metaphorical journeys through 31 nations, clusters of nations, continents, and diversity Gannon, Martin J. Asian Center
AC-27594 DS 511 /E23 2014 Xp/E East Asia : a cultural, social, and political history. Ebrey, Patricia Buckley Asian Center
AC-27595 HC 412 /K57 2011 Xp/E Economic development in East Asia Kirby, E. Stuart Asian Center
AC-27596 KM 572 /H86 2011 Xp Human Rights in Asia Asian Center
AC-27598 DS 79 /H34 2012 Iq Iraq's democratic moment Hadid, Foulath Asian Center
AC-27599 DS 610.73 L45 /A45 2012 Lee Kuan Yew : the grand master's insights on China, the United States, and the world Lee, Kuan Yew Asian Center
AC-27600 DS 382 /T35 2012 Pk Pakistan : a new history Talbot, Ian Asian Center
AC-27603 HD 70 E22 /M36 2013 Xp/E Managing across diverse cultures in East Asia : issues and challenges in a changing globalized world. Asian Center
AC-27604 HV 6433.786 S64 /L57 2011 Xp/Se Oceans of crime : maritime piracy and transnational security in Southeast Asia and Bangladesh Liss, Carolin Asian Center
AC-27606 DS 525.7 /L45 2012 Xp East & Southeast Asia 2012 Leibo, Steven A. Asian Center
AC-27607 PN 3352 A84 /H66 2013 Romancing the east : a literary odyssey from the heart of darkness to the River Kwai Hopkins, Jerry Asian Center
AC-27608 GE 199 C6 /C45 2013 Cn China and the environment : the green revolution Asian Center
AC-27609 HF 1604 /N65 2012 Is China buying the world? Nolan, Peter Asian Center
AC-27611 DS 525 /S26 2013 Xp/Se Southeast Asia : past and present SarDesai, D. R. Asian Center
AC-27612 DS 62 G64 /2013 Xp/W A concise history of the Middle East Goldschmidt, Arthur Asian Center
AC-27613 DS 799 /C66 2013 Tw Taiwan : nation-state or province? Copper, John Franklin Asian Center
AC-27615 H 97 /M32 2014 Gen Methods for policy research : taking socially responsible action Majchrzak, Ann Asian Center
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