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AC-13060d CB 251 H29 Asian ideas of east and west : Tagore and his critics in Japan, China, and India Hay, Stephen N. Asian Center
AC-13076d DS 526.7 C47 1998 Southeast Asia in the twentieth century : a reader Christie, Clive J. Asian Center
AC-13083d DS 525 M33 1995 Southeast Asia : tradition and modernity in the contemporary world McCloud, Donald G. Asian Center
AC-13091d DS 518.1 C33 The history of post-war Southeast Asia Cady, John Frank Asian Center
AC-13092d HC 460.5 N58 The new rich in Asia : mobile phones, McDonalds and middle class revolution Asian Center
AC-13093d DS 525 O82 Southeast Asia : an introductory history Osborne, Milton E. Asian Center
AC-13095d JX 1977 U5 D71 1974 Journal of development planning Asian Center
AC-13096d HD 75 S62 Social change and development : modernization, dependency, and world-system theories So, Alvin Y. Asian Center
AC-13097d JQ 96 A91 N45 1995 Democracy and development in Southeast Asia : the winds of change Neher, Clark D. Asian Center
AC-13099d HC 441 Z65 C65 Conflict over natural resources in South-East Asia and the Pacific Asian Center
AC-13100d HC 441 S70 1990 Strategies for structural adjustment : the experience of Southeast Asia Asian Center
AC-13102d HC 412 S69 Southeast Asia in the 1980s : the politics of economic crisis Asian Center
AC-13139d HC 412 M97 1971 Asian drama : an inquiry into the poverty of nations Myrdal, Gunnar Asian Center
AC-13160d PL 937 E5 /K67 2010 Korean conversation dictionary for foreigners : English-Korean Asian Center
AC-13161d HC 60 /K665 2015 Korean ODA policy and law Asian Center
AC-13162d JQ 1725 A55 /K67 2008 Korea's future : vision & strategy : Korea's ambition to become and [sic] advanced power by 2030 Asian Center
AC-13163d DS 935.773 /F87 2012 Future of North Korea 2032 : Coevolutionary strategy for the advancement Asian Center
AC-13164d PL 914 /M49 2013 An illustrated guide to Korean : essential words and phrases Meyer, Chad Asian Center
AC-13165d DS 901.7 /K67 2014 v. 2 Seoul, Seoul, Seoul Asian Center
AC-13166d DS916.5.C483 /C4513 2012 Yuktang Ch'oe Nam-sŏn and Korean modernity Ch'oe, Hak-chu Asian Center
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