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AC-13653d PL 992.54 T32 A23 2011 The growth of a shadow : selected poems of Taejoon Moon Mun, T'ae-jun Asian Center
AC-13662d N 3750 S4 A2 2015 2013-2014 Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan kihoek t'ŭkpyŏlchŏn chŏnsi pogosŏ = National Museum of Korea exhibition report Asian Center
AC-13668d DS 414.2 N35 2010 India : a million mutinies now Naipaul, V. S. Asian Center
AC-13669d DS 428.2 N34 2002 India: a wounded civilization Naipaul, V. S. Asian Center
AC-13670d F 2171.2 N3 2011 The middle passage : impressions of five colonial societies Naipaul, V. S. Asian Center
AC-13671d DS 414 N23 2002 An area of darkness Naipaul, V. S. Asian Center
AC-13672d HD 5708.55 U6 E47 2005 Bait and switch : the (futile) pursuit of the American dream Ehrenreich, Barbara Asian Center
AC-13687d QK 341 H44 2016 Plant ecology in the Middle East Hegazy, Ahmad K. Asian Center
AC-13688d QL 737 C27 P35 2016 Pandas and people : coupling human and natural systems for sustainability Asian Center
AC-13699d DS 610.73 Y8 N67 2015 Yusof Ishak, Singapore's first president Norshahril Saat Asian Center
AC-13700d DS 524.8 S55 L44 2015 ISEAS : studying Southeast Asia Lee, Kim Chew Asian Center
AC-13701d GT 2868.4 H85 2015 The humanistic understanding of Kimchi Asian Center
AC-13702d TX 724.5 K65 H365 2015 Jewels of the palace : royal recipes from old Korea Han, Bok Ryeo Asian Center
AC-13704d N 3750 S4 K567 2015 Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan, 2015 : Yongsan ijŠon 10-chunyŠon Kim, YŠong-na. Asian Center
AC-13724d DS 676.8 B71 B84 2017 Saniel Collection Scripted by men, not by fate Andres Bonifacio in Cavite : an analytical narrative with commentary on selected sources Buehler, Soledad Borromeo Asian Center
AC-13792d BX 1656 S63 1975 Social action activities of the catholic church in the Philippines Asian Center
AC-13805d DS 689 M24 M34 2014 Manila : selected papers of the 23rd annual Manila Studies Conference, August 7- 9, 2014 Asian Center
AC-13819d D 733 S56 O64 2008 Memories unfolded : a guide to memories at Old Ford Factory Ong, Yanqing Vanessa Asian Center
AC-13820d GT 3279 A3 S235 2013 Wood coffin burial of Kinabatangan, Sabah Chia, Stephen Ming Soon Asian Center
AC-13830d DS 610.73 Y87 O55 2017 Yusof Ishak, a man of many firsts Ooi, Kee Beng Asian Center
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