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AC-27444 HD 9744 F553 P6 M53 2011 The Sulu arms market : national responses to a regional problem Miani, Lino Asian Center
AC-27447 HQ 1728.5 /K37 2011 Palestinian women : narrative histories and gendered memory Kassem, Fatma Asian Center
AC-27453 VA 620 S25 2011 Asian maritime power in the 21st century : strategic transactions : China, India and Southeast Asia Sakhuja, Vijay Asian Center
AC-27456 C5 B68 2011 China's management revolution : spirit, land, energy Bouee, Charles-Edouard Asian Center
AC-27465 D 804.3 /H65 2011 The holocaust : problems and perspectives of interpretation Asian Center
AC-27466 HC 415.25 R58 2011 The Israeli economy from the foundation of the state through the 21st century Rivlin, Paul Asian Center
AC-27482 HD 2075.8 /B67 2011 Borneo transformed : agricultural expansion on the Southeast Asian frontier Asian Center
AC-27484 HF 3790.8 /H245 2011 A history of early Southeast Asia : maritime trade and societal development Hall, Kenneth R. Asian Center
AC-27486 JQ 1499 A38 R43 /C35 2011 The making of Northeast Asia Calder, Kent E. Asian Center
AC-27487 DS 35.2 C64 2012 The new global politics of the Asia-Pacific Connors, Michael Kelly Asian Center
AC-27488 JQ 1062 A61 K63 2011 Palace, political party, and power : a story of the socio-political development of Malay kingship Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian Asian Center
AC-27500 PE 1417 /G54 2011 Across cultures : a reader for writers Gillespie, Sheena Asian Center
AC-27501 HB 615 T36 2011 Chinnovation : how Chinese innovators are changing the world Tan, Yinglan Asian Center
AC-27502 DS 339 /P47 2011 Perspectives on modern South Asia : a reader in culture, history, and representation Asian Center
AC-27503 E 99 A35 /W55 2011 The middle ground : Indians, empires, and republics in the Great Lakes region White, Richard Asian Center
AC-27504 G 128 /D58 2012 Diversity amid globalization : world regions, environment, development Asian Center
AC-27520 DS 675.8 R5 /N47 2011 Revolutionary spirit : Jose Rizal in Southeast Asia Nery, John Asian Center
AC-27527 JZ 1318 /M56 2011 Contesting global order : development, global governance, and globalization Mittelman, James H. Asian Center
AC-27528 DS 556.8 /T7413 2012 Heroes and revolution in Vietnam Treglode, Benoit de. Asian Center
AC-27531 PL 2478 /D58 2011 Cn The original I ching : an authentic translation of The book of changes Asian Center
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