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AC-27709 JZ 1160 /G75 2014 International relations : the key concepts Griffiths, Martin Asian Center
AC-27710 GN 494.5 /B73 2009 Peace by design : managing intrastate conflict through decentralization Brancati, Dawn Asian Center
AC-27711 H 62 /S258 2014 The SAGE handbook of qualitative data analysis Asian Center
AC-27712 JZ 5588 /B68 2014 Understanding security Bourne, Mike Asian Center
AC-27713 DS 779.2 Z48 2013 China's new diplomacy : rationale, strategies and significance Zhu, Zhiqun Asian Center
AC-27714 KZA 1692 E62 2014 Entering uncharted waters? ASEAN and the South China sea Asian Center
AC-27715 DS 525.9 J3 A87 2014 ASEAN-Japan relations Asian Center
AC-27716 JZ 1242 H37 2015 Cases in international relations : pathways to conflict and cooperation Hastedt, Glenn P. Asian Center
AC-27717 DS 526.7 C655 2013 Conjunctures and continuities in Southeast Asian politics Asian Center
AC-27718 GE 190 A78 E585 2014 Environmental policies in Asia : perspectives from seven Asian countries Asian Center
AC-27719 HC 415 E5 E59 2013 The environments of the poor in southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific Asian Center
AC-27721 HM 1271 /M83 2014 Multicultural challenges and redefining identity in East Asia Asian Center
AC-27722 DS 502 /S76 2014 Southeast Asian affairs 2014. Asian Center
AC-27723 HF 1604 Z4 A78 D37 2014 China and the Asian economies : interactive dynamics, synergy and symbiotic growth Das, Dilip K. Asian Center
AC-27725 HT 243 I44 /E36 2013 Ecologies of urbanism in India metropolitan civility and sustainability Asian Center
AC-27726 GE 190 A78 S56 2013 Energy, governance and security in Thailand and Byanmar (Burma) : a critical approach to environmental politics in the South Simpson, Adam Asian Center
AC-27727 HC 443 L3 H54 2014 Fields of desire : poverty and policy in Laos High, Holly Asian Center
AC-27728 PL 5073 /R23 2014 Let's speak Indonesian : ayo berbahasa Indonesia Rafferty, Ellen Asian Center
AC-27729 PL 5073 /R23 2014 Let's speak Indonesian : ayo berbahasa Indonesia Rafferty, Ellen Asian Center
AC-27733 DT 107.87 /A43 2011 Performative revolution in Egypt : an essay in cultural power Alexander, Jeffrey C. Asian Center
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