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AC-12974d JQ 1519 A5 J5813 2004 Nine commentaries on the Communist Party Asian Center
AC-12983d JV 8722 I56 2014 Japan : migration and a multicultural society Asian Center
AC-12985d KNQ 9335.2 H54 H665 2014 Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal : the development of the law in China's Hong Kong Asian Center
AC-12990d PS 3566 K56 1991 Sanghul : Kim Ae-Ran sijip = Three days : poems of Ae-Ran Kim. Kim, Ae-Ran Asian Center
AC-12993d B 127 C65 C66 1997 Confucian thought and bureaucracy in East Asia edited by Chung-hyun Ro Asian Center
AC-13001d D 744.7 J3 W37 2011 War memories, monuments and media : representations of conflicts and creation of histories of World War II Asian Center
AC-13002d JX 4165 C44 1999 The People's Republic of China and the law of treaties Chiu, Hungdah Asian Center
AC-13007d DS 480.45 A9 India wins freedom : the complete version. Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam Asian Center
AC-13008d B 5131 C53 Contemporary Indian philosophy, series II Chatterjee, Margaret Asian Center
AC-13011d DS 686.476 A2 I84 The remains of the war : apology and forgiveness Ishida, Jintaro Asian Center
AC-13012d DS 881.9 P66 Political development in modern Japan Ardath W. Burks ... [et al.] Asian Center
AC-13015d DS 480.853 G85 2003 Continuity and change, India's foreign policy Gujral, Inder Kumar Asian Center
AC-13020d HC 462 B44 The structure and operation of the Japanese economy Bieda, Ken. Asian Center
AC-13021d GT 2868.4 K5813 2014 Humanistic understanding of Kimchi and kimjang culture Asian Center
AC-13025d JQ 1615 1973 I813 Jp Japanese politics - an inside view : readings from Japan Itoh, Hiroshi Asian Center
AC-13027d NX 620 S78 1972 Studies in Indo-Asian art and culture Asian Center
AC-13032d N 8193.3 A82 C87 2002 The iconography of Avalokitesvara in Mainland South East Asia Chutiwongs, Nandana Asian Center
AC-13046d P 106 L96 Introduction to theoretical linguistics. Lyons, John Asian Center
AC-13048d PN 203 C6 1958 Style in language, Asian Center
AC-13059d E 183.8 J3 S43 Sharing world leadershipn : a new era for America & Japan Asian Center
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