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AC-27725 HT 243 I44 /E36 2013 Ecologies of urbanism in India metropolitan civility and sustainability Asian Center
AC-27726 GE 190 A78 S56 2013 Energy, governance and security in Thailand and Byanmar (Burma) : a critical approach to environmental politics in the South Simpson, Adam Asian Center
AC-27727 HC 443 L3 H54 2014 Fields of desire : poverty and policy in Laos High, Holly Asian Center
AC-27728 PL 5073 /R23 2014 Let's speak Indonesian : ayo berbahasa Indonesia Rafferty, Ellen Asian Center
AC-27729 PL 5073 /R23 2014 Let's speak Indonesian : ayo berbahasa Indonesia Rafferty, Ellen Asian Center
AC-27733 DT 107.87 /A43 2011 Performative revolution in Egypt : an essay in cultural power Alexander, Jeffrey C. Asian Center
AC-27734 HF 1604 /J56 2014 Prosperity in China : international responsibility and opportunity for a growing power Jin, Canrong Asian Center
AC-27735 HC 427.95 /L52 2014 Reconstructing China : the peaceful development, economic growth, and international role of an emerging super power Li, Jingzhi Asian Center
AC-27736 JQ98.A58 /R68 2010 Routledge handbook of South Asian politics : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal Asian Center
AC-27737 DS 98.2 R38 2014 Secret war in the Middle East : the covert struggle for Syria, 1949-1961 Rathmell, Andrew Asian Center
AC-27738 UA 830 T36 2014 The arms race in Asia : trends, concepts and implications Tan, Andrew T. H. Asian Center
AC-27739 DS 87 /S25 2014 The government and politics of Lebanon Salamey, Imad Asian Center
AC-27740 GF 669.5 /T39 2014 The Khmer lands of Vietnam : environment, cosmology, and sovereignty Taylor, Philip Asian Center
AC-27741 DS902 /.A75 2014 The Koreas Armstrong, Charles K. Asian Center
AC-27742 HD 8700.5 T73 2013 Ties that bind : cultural identity, class, and law in Vietnam's labor resistance Tran, Angie Ngoc Asian Center
AC-27743 DS 523.4 M35 /A46 2014 Traditionalism and the ascendancy of the Malay ruling class in colonial Malaya Amoroso, Donna J. Asian Center
AC-27744 HQ 1728.7 /H65 2014 Women & conflict in the Middle East : Palestinian refugees and the response to violence Holt, Maria Asian Center
AC-27745 HC 427.95 C5565 2014 China-India : pathways of economic and social development Asian Center
AC-27746 KNQ 1155 /C45 2011 Chinese intellectual property and technology laws Asian Center
AC-27747 JZ 1253 /H837 2014 Foreign policy analysis : classic and contemporary theory Hudson, Valerie M. Asian Center
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