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AC-13247d UA 845 Y37 2014 Japan's civil-military diplomacy : the banks of the Rubicon Yasutomo, Dennis T. Asian Center
AC-13249d DS 849 C6 /L25 2014 Nationalism and power politics in Japan's relations with China : a neoclassical realist interpretation Lai, Yew Meng Asian Center
AC-13251d HV 600 T64 /J36 2013 Japan copes with calamity : ethnographies of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters of March 2011 Asian Center
AC-13265d TD 187.5 J3 /S76 2014 Bad water : nature, pollution, and politics in Japan, 1870-1950 Stolz, Robert Asian Center
AC-13267d HV 600 T64 /H86 2014 Human security and Japan's triple disaster : responding to the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear crisis Asian Center
AC-13269d HQ 1075.5 A78 A8213 2014 Asian women and intimate work Asian Center
AC-13270d N 8217 F27 I42 2014 Images of familial intimacy in Eastern and Western art Asian Center
AC-13271d B 137 C65 /D36 2014 Dao companion to Japanese Confucian philosophy Asian Center
AC-13272d HV 551.5 J3 /C66 2014 Community practices for disaster risk reduction in Japan Asian Center
AC-13274d E 745 M3 /M67 2014 Supreme commander : MacArthur's triumph in Japan Morris, Seymour Asian Center
AC-13275d DS 881.95 /M38 2014 The "greatest problem" : religion and state formation in Meiji Japan Maxey, Trent Elliott Asian Center
AC-13276d DS 889.5 /W55 2014 Risk and securitization in Japan, 1945-60 Williamson, Piers R. Asian Center
AC-13277d JZ 1745 A55 /J35 2013 Japan and reconciliation in post-war Asia : the Murayama statement and its implications Asian Center
AC-13278d JZ 5584 J3 /A44 2013 Japan as a "global pacifist state" : its changing pacifism and security identity Akimoto, Daisuke Asian Center
AC-13279d HQ 18 J3 M35 2012 Love, sex, and democracy in Japan during the American Occupation McLelland, Mark Asian Center
AC-13280d NX 180 G56 /M36 2013 Manga's cultural crossroads Asian Center
AC-13281d ML 340.5 /M87 2013 Music, modernity and locality in prewar Japan : Osaka and beyond Asian Center
AC-13283d UA 845 /G68 2014 Governing insecurity in Japan : the domestic discourse and policy response Asian Center
AC-13284d HB 126 J3 I43 2014 A history of economic science in Japan : the internationalization of economics in the twentieth century Ikeo, Aiko Asian Center
AC-13285d DS 806 /I47 2014 Imagining Japan in postwar East Asia : identity politics, schooling and popular culture Asian Center
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