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AC-27620 HB 74 P65 /S63 2013 International political economy in context : individual choices, global effects. Sobel, Andrew C. Asian Center
AC-27621 JZ 1242 T55 2012 Thinking international relations differently Asian Center
AC-27626 GE 199 C6 /C45 2013 Cn China and the environment : the green revolution Asian Center
AC-27627 HF 1604 S52 2013 China goes global : the partial power Shambaugh, David L. Asian Center
AC-27628 HT 384 C6 C55 2013 China's new urbanization strategy Asian Center
AC-27629 JQ 1510 /D74 2012 Cn China's political system : modernization and tradition Dreyer, June Teufel Asian Center
AC-27630 JZ 1734 /G55 2012 Cn Chinese and Indian strategic behavior : growing power and alarm Gilboy, George J. Asian Center
AC-27632 BR 1065 /C57 2011 Christianities in Asia Asian Center
AC-27633 HC 460.5 /H46 2011 Xp/E East Asian transformation : on the political economy of dynamism, governance and crisis Henderson, Jeffrey Asian Center
AC-27636 D 16 /B78 2013 Gen Going to the sources : a guide to historical research and writing Brundage, Anthony Asian Center
AC-27637 JA 85.2 M628 /K53 2013 Xp/W Image politics in the Middle East : the role of the visual in political struggle Khatib, Lina Asian Center
AC-27639 JZ 1238 D44 /I58 2011 International relations and non-western thought : imperialism, colonialism, and investigations of global modernity Asian Center
AC-27640 HC 59.7 /I74 2012 Is good governance good for development? Asian Center
AC-27645 JZ 6005 /A27 2011 Security beyond the state : private security in international politics Abrahamsen, Rita Asian Center
AC-27646 JZ 6009 S64 S76 2011 Xp/Se Southeast Asia and the rise of China : the search for security Storey, Ian Asian Center
AC-27649 HB 3808 G46 2012 Xp The Global financial crisis and Asia: implications and challenges Asian Center
AC-27653 HQ 799 C55 /C53 2012 Cn Youth culture in China : from Red Guards to netizens Clark, Paul Asian Center
AC-27660 DS 556.5 /T39 2013 A history of the Vietnamese Taylor, K. W. Asian Center
AC-27661 DS 56.7 /A34 2013 ASEAN economic community scorecard : performance and perception Asian Center
AC-27662 HD 9576 C52 /A53 2011 Cn China, oil and global politics Andrews-Speed, C. P. Asian Center
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