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AC-13459d ND 1053.6 A35 I4313 2016 The Akita Ranga School and the cultural context in Edo Japan Imahashi, Riko Asian Center
AC-13463d LG 979 A1 S58 2005 Sites & symbols 2 : UP Diliman landmarks Asian Center
AC-13466d K56 2010 Dance in Korea: an overview of Korean performing arts. Kim, Tae-won Asian Center
AC-13468d DS 917.442 K56 2013 The trust-building process and Korean unification Asian Center
AC-13469d LA 1312 J32 Jp 1992 Japanese educational productivity Asian Center
AC-13471d JZ 5625 K98 2004 Implementing the United Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons : analysis of reports submitted by states in 2003 Kytčomčaki, Elli. Asian Center
AC-13472d HQ 231.85 A5 T73a Trafficking in women and prostitution in the Asia Pacific. Asian Center
AC-13476d PL 5170 F38 2016 Shattaariiyah silsilah in Aceh, Java, and the Lanao area of Mindanao Fathurahman, Oman Asian Center
AC-13477d BQ 626 U63 2016 Understanding 21st century China in Buddhist asia : history, modernity, and international relations Asian Center
AC-13478d PL 733.33 P38 L58 1993 Literary patronage in late medieval Japan Asian Center
AC-13480d HF 1602.15 P6 J35 1992 Japan, Inc. in Asia : a documentation on its operations through the Philippine polity Asian Center
AC-13482d HC 455.6 R33 1999 Reconsidering the East Asian economic model : what's ahead for the Philippines? Asian Center
AC-13485d PL 862 S76 Y3613 1991 Woman running in the mountains : a novel Tsushima, Yuko. Asian Center
AC-13487d PL 862 O3 O413 1985 The master key Togawa, Masako Asian Center
AC-13491d MLCSE 2001 00573 (P) Melawan tirani Orde Baru Sirait, Hendrik Dikson. Asian Center
AC-13495d HC 462.9 Y35 1968 Big business in Japanese politics Yanaga, Chitoshi Asian Center
AC-13496d JC 599 I43 P69 1994 Power and impunity : human rights under the new order. Asian Center
AC-13498d E 59 G6 H86 1992 Human rights violations against the indigenous peoples of the America Asian Center
AC-13500d BL 1801 W33 1951 The religion of China : Confucianism and Taoism Weber, Max Asian Center
AC-13502d LB 45 H57 1988 Cultural literacy : what every American needs to know Hirsch, E. D. Asian Center
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