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AC-13838d HC 445 R388 2012 State structure, policy formation, and economic development in Southeast Asia structuring development : the political economy of Thailand and the Philippines Raquiza, Antoinette Asian Center
AC-27382 DS 891 K56 2011 Contemporary Japan : history, politics and social change since the 1980s Kingston, Jeff Asian Center
AC-27387 DS 62.4 K53 2011 Sources in the history of the modern Middle East Khater, Akram Fouad Asian Center
AC-27400 Q 180.55 E9 /D36 2011 Evaluating research : methodology for people who need to read research Dane, Francis C. Asian Center
AC-27402 LB 2369 /R46 2011 Research methods in practice : strategies for description and causation Remler, Dahlia K. Asian Center
AC-27424 H 62 /Q38 2011 Qualitative research : issues of theory, method and practice Asian Center
AC-27425 H 62 /D24 2011 Social research : an introduction David, Matthew Asian Center
AC-27427 H 62 U38 2011 Understanding social research : thinking creatively about method Asian Center
AC-27428 H 62 /T448 2011 Theory and methods in social research Asian Center
AC-27430 Q 180.55 M4 /K86 2011 Research methodology : a step-by-step guide for beginners Kumar, Ranjit Asian Center
AC-27432 H 62 /M375 2011 Social research & reflexivity : content, consequences and context May, Tim Asian Center
AC-27434 DS 340 /B67 2011 Modern South Asia : history, culture, political economy Bose, Sugata Asian Center
AC-27437 DS 119.76 I88 2011 The Israel-Palestine conflict : parallel discourses Asian Center
AC-27439 KZ 4282 /I58 2011 International law and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict : a rights-based approach to Middle East peace Asian Center
AC-27444 HD 9744 F553 P6 M53 2011 The Sulu arms market : national responses to a regional problem Miani, Lino Asian Center
AC-27447 HQ 1728.5 /K37 2011 Palestinian women : narrative histories and gendered memory Kassem, Fatma Asian Center
AC-27453 VA 620 S25 2011 Asian maritime power in the 21st century : strategic transactions : China, India and Southeast Asia Sakhuja, Vijay Asian Center
AC-27456 C5 B68 2011 China's management revolution : spirit, land, energy Bouee, Charles-Edouard Asian Center
AC-27465 D 804.3 /H65 2011 The holocaust : problems and perspectives of interpretation Asian Center
AC-27466 HC 415.25 R58 2011 The Israeli economy from the foundation of the state through the 21st century Rivlin, Paul Asian Center
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