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AC-27896 HC 441 P45 2016 The ASEAN Economic Community : a conceptual approach Pelkmans, Jacques Asian Center
AC-27897 HF 5549.2 P16 S24 2015 The changing role of the human resource profession in the asia pacific region Saha, Jayantee Mukherjee. Asian Center
AC-27898 HC 427.6 /V66 2016 The economic history of China : from antiquity to the nineteenth century Von Glahn, Richard. Asian Center
AC-27900 JZ 5675 F57 2016 Asia's latent nuclear powers : Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Fitzpatrick, Mark Asian Center
AC-27901 JZ 1305 C75 2016 Critical imaginations in international relations Asian Center
AC-27907 JZ 1305 J33 2016 The conduct of inquiry in international relations : philosophy of science and its implications for the study of world politics Jackson, Patrick Thaddeus Asian Center
AC-27908 HC 435.3 S58 2016 The global rise of China So, Alvin Y. Asian Center
AC-27909 JF 1081 P65 2001 The political economy of corruption Asian Center
AC-27910 HC 441 K848 2015 Think new ASEAN! rethinking marketing towards ASEAN economic community Kotler, Philip Asian Center
AC-27911 DS 36.88 M32 2016 A century of Arab politics : from the Arab Revolt to the Arab Spring Maddy-Weitzman, Bruce Asian Center
AC-27912 HT 993 A265 2016 Abolitions as a global experience Asian Center
AC-27913 HC 460.5 /G69 2016 East Asia's re-emergence Golub, Philip S. Asian Center
AC-27916 HM 756 G56 2015 Global community? : transnational and transdisciplinary exchanges Asian Center
AC-27918 HV 6433 I722 G47 2016 ISIS : a history Gerges, Fawaz A. Asian Center
AC-27919 JQ 779 A553 M3313 2015 Islam and politics in Indonesia : the Masyumi Party between democracy and integralism Madinier, Remy Asian Center
AC-27926 DS 35.2 /K56 2017 Nationalism in Asia : a history since 1945 Kingston, Jeff Asian Center
AC-27934 B 126 M43 2016 Theories of truth in Chinese philosophy : a comparative approach McLeod, Alexus Asian Center
AC-27935 HC 445 U52 2016 Unequal Thailand : aspects of income, wealth, and power Asian Center
AC-27936 UA 26 K6 S36 2016 Base encounters : the US Armed Forces in South Korea Schober, Elisabeth Asian Center
AC-27939 B 5242 P56 2016 Recent Japanese philosophical thought 1862-1996 : a survey : including a new survey by Baoshi Yamawaki, The philosophical thought of Japan from 1963 to 1996 Piovesana, Gino K. Asian Center
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