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AC-27940 DS 525 O82 2016 Southeast Asia : an introductory history Osborne, Milton E. Asian Center
AC-27941 DS 523 U54 2016 UNESCO in Southeast Asia : World Heritage sites in comparative perspective Asian Center
AC-27942 JZ 1980 A79 2017 Asia in international relations : unlearning imperial power relations Asian Center
AC-27943 DS 558.6 G7 T37 2017 The British and the Vietnam War : their way with LBJ Tarling, Nicholas Asian Center
AC-27944 HD 1289 A78 C66 2015 Community, commons, and natural resource management in Asia Asian Center
AC-27945 DS 568 K56 2017 Heritage and identity in contemporary Thailand : memory, place, and power King, Ross Asian Center
AC-27946 HF 1604 /T64 2017 Is China an empire? Toh, Han Shih Asian Center
AC-27947 HD 896.5 L36 2015 Land & development in Indonesia : searching for the people's sovereignty Asian Center
AC-27948 DS 530.65 M46 2015 Metamorphosis : studies in social and political change in Myanmar Asian Center
AC-27949 DS 686.614 /K87 2017 Moral politics in the Philippines : inequality, democracy and the urban poor Kusaka, Wataru Asian Center
AC-27950 DS 528.5 M93 2016 Myanmar's mountain and maritime borderscapes : local practices, boundary-making and figured worlds Asian Center
AC-27951 HG 5740.8 O58 2017 Outward foreign direct investment in ASEAN Asian Center
AC-27952 HQ 766.5 S5 S29 2016 Population policies and programmes in Singapore Saw, Swee-Hock Asian Center
AC-27953 JQ 1062 A95 /S27 2016 Power sharing in a divided nation : mediated communalism and new politics in six decades of Malaysia's elections Saravanamuttu, J. Asian Center
AC-27954 DS 610.25 E87 S56 2017 Singapore Eurasians : Memories, Hopes and Dreams Asian Center
AC-27955 KT 3871 B87 2017 Sovereignty and the sea : how Indonesia became an archipelagic state Butcher, John G. Asian Center
AC-27956 DS 849 C6 H56 2015 The China Problem in Postwar Japan : Japanese National Identity and Sino-Japanese Relations Hoppens, Robert James Asian Center
AC-27959 HJ 192.5 C37 2015 Japan Inc. on the brink : institutional corruption and agency failure Carpenter, Susan Asian Center
AC-358t LG 995 2016 P46 /D45 Apostlic catholic church : an ethnohistory of a social movement De Leon, Ann Louise Asian Center
AC-359t LG 995 2016 P46 /I87 Refusing a life without poverty : scarcity and abundance in Dolphy's situation comedies Israel, Lorna Quejong Asian Center
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