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AC-13167d DS 904 /H3613 2014 Intellectual history of seonbi in Korea : Korean cultural DNA Han, Young-woo Asian Center
AC-13168d DS 904 /K56 2014 Way back into Korea : a new insight by a native anthropologist come home Kim, Choong Soon Asian Center
AC-13169d K 230 /L4513 2014 Legal philosophers in Korea Asian Center
AC-13171d DS 910 /C56 2014 The Korean state, public administration, and development : past, present, and future challenges Chŏng, Yong-dŏk Asian Center
AC-13175d HV 640.5 K6 /Y53 2014 The social and psychological acculturation of North Korean refugees Yi, Sun-hyŠong Asian Center
AC-13176d DS 922.35 /C5613 2013 From authoritarianism to democracy in Korea, 1979-97 Cho, ChŠong-gwan Asian Center
AC-13177d DS 917.444 /K55 2010 The domestic politics of Korean unification : debates on the North in the South, 1948-2008 Kim, Hak-chun Asian Center
AC-13179d DS 904 /P35 2009 T'ong Šuro ingnŠun Han'guk munhwa : oegugin kwa tamunhwa kajok Šul wihan Han'guk immunsŠo = Korean culture for curious new comers Park, Hanna Asian Center
AC-13180d JV 8685 O56 2015 Transforming Nikkeijin identity and citizenship : untold life stories of Japanese migrants and their descendants in the Philippines, 1903-2013 Ohno, Shun Asian Center
AC-13182d UA 832.5 /N63 2008 Northeast Asia and the two Koreas : metastability, security, and community Asian Center
AC-13183d DS 917.442 /K56 2011 US-China relations and Korean unification Asian Center
AC-13185d DS 901.7 /K67 2014 v. 3 Inter-Korean relations : family or enemy? Asian Center
AC-13186d DS 901.7 /K67 2014 v. 1 East meets west Asian Center
AC-13187d DS 905.92 U6 /I58 2014 Intellectual and institutional trends of Korean studies in North America, 2013 Asian Center
AC-13188d GN 17.3 J3 /R46 2013 Representing the cultural "other" : Japanese anthropological works on Korea Asian Center
AC-13189d JZ 5597 /G56 2011 Resolution of conflict in Korea, East Asia and beyond : humanistic approach Asian Center
AC-13190d TX 724.5 K65 /L8719 2012 Lutong Koreanong pambahay : 45 na uri nang masasarap at masustansyang lutong pagkain Koreano. Asian Center
AC-13191d NK 4168.6 A1 /C4613 2014 Baekja : Korean traditional porcelain Ch'oe, KŠon Asian Center
AC-13192d TT 835 /P3513 2014 Nubi : Korean traditional quilt Pak, SŠong-sil Asian Center
AC-13193d Z675 N2 /I585 2015 Pik teit'Šo sidae, kungnip tosŠogwan Šui yŠokhal = The role of national libraries in the big data era. Asian Center
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