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AC-12686d HD6276 J3 /B75 2011 Lost in transition : youth, work, and instability in postindustrial Japan Brinton, Mary C. Asian Center
AC-12687d JZ 1480 A57 U8 2011 The U.S.-Japan security alliance : regional multilateralism Asian Center
AC-12688d HV 6626.54 J3 B36 2011 Child welfare and development : a Japanese case study Bamba, Sachiko Asian Center
AC-12696d JZ 5333 /C76 2011 Cross-border governance in Asia : regional issues and mechanisms Asian Center
AC-12701d KZA 1120.3 /H66 2012 UNCLOS and ocean dispute settlement : law and politics in the South China sea Hong, Nong Asian Center
AC-12702d JZ 1310 /W68 2012 Xp/E Worldviews of aspiring powers : domestic foreign policy debates in China, India, Iran, Japan and Russia Asian Center
AC-12730d QC 903.2 S645 /H86 2013 Human security and climate change in Southeast Asia : managing risk and resilience Asian Center
ac-12739D HD 9502 P16 /E55 2012 Energy security in the era of climate change : the Asia-Pacific experience Asian Center
AC-12747d UA 23 /D53 2012 US-Japan-North Korean security relations : irrepressible interests DiFilippo, Anthony Asian Center
AC-12754d JZ 1480 A57 F75 2011 A contest for supremacy : China, America, and the struggle for mastery in Asia Friedberg, Aaron L. Asian Center
AC-12755d JQ 1681 /K33 2011 Civic engagement in postwar Japan : the revival of a defeated society Kage, Rieko Asian Center
AC-12762d HV 6433 A783 /O44 2011 Counterterrorism policies in Central Asia Omelicheva, Mariya Y. Asian Center
AC-12781d HQ 1190 R45 2014 The remaking of social contracts : feminists in a fierce new world Asian Center
AC-12784d BL 65 S8 K64 2014 Religion and authoritarianism : cooperation, conflict, and the consequences Koesel, Karrie J. Asian Center
AC-12785d HD 9560.6 /H84 2014 Globalizing oil : firms and oil market governance in France, Japan, and the United States Hughes, Llewelyn Asian Center
AC-12786d HT 690 J3 V6 2013 Japan's new middle class Vogel, Ezra F. Asian Center
AC-12955d UA 830 E38 East Asian strategic review. Asian Center
AC-13007d DS 480.45 A9 India wins freedom : the complete version. Azad, Maulana Abul Kalam Asian Center
AC-13008d B 5131 C53 Contemporary Indian philosophy, series II Chatterjee, Margaret Asian Center
AC-13011d DS 686.476 A2 I84 The remains of the war : apology and forgiveness Ishida, Jintaro Asian Center
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