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AC-12886d BS 475.2 W55 2001 From Adam to Armageddon : a survey of the Bible White, J. Benton Asian Center
AC-12889d BL 1035 G74 The Great Asian religions; an anthology. Asian Center
AC-12893d DS 525.9 C5 C74 2009 Connecting & distancing : Southeast Asia and China Asian Center
AC-12894d JX 1405 T34 "This very human institution" commentaries and addresses on the United Nations and U.S. Foreign Policy. Kirpatrick, Jeane J. Asian Center
AC-12900d Q 175 G546 1997 Understanding scientific reasoning Giere, Ronald N., author Asian Center
AC-12902d BL 1032 B74 1999 Awakening : an introduction to the history of Eastern thought Bresnan, Patrick Asian Center
AC-12903d HM 216 O43 1992 Applying ethics : a text with readings Olen, Jeffrey. Asian Center
AC-12904d HD 30.24 K56 2008 Knowledge management in Asia : experience and lesson. Asian Center
AC-12905d HQ 792 P55 S73 2005 The state of children in the Philippines: providing for those who have too little Asian Center
AC-12907d DS 554.8 N67 1974 My war with the CIA : the memoirs of Prince Norodom Sihanouk as related to Wilfred Burchett Norodom Sihanouk, Prince, 1922-2012 Asian Center
AC-12909d BP 63 I5 N5 Aspects of Islam in post-colonial Indonesia, five essays Nieuwenhuijze, Christoffel Anthonie Olivier van Asian Center
AC-12915d DS 119.7 S34 1969 From war to war : the Arab-Israel confrontation, 1948-1967; a study of the conflict from the perspective of coercion in the context of inter-Arab and big power relations Safran, Nadav Asian Center
AC-12925d B 127 C65 C66 1997 Confucian thought and bureaucracy in East Asia edited by Chung-hyun Ro Asian Center
AC-12935d NK 3634 A2 C55 2007 China's calligraphy art through the ages Asian Center
AC-12936d DS 779.27 R5213 2006 Enjoying every day in China : interviews with wives of ambassadors to China Asian Center
AC-12938d QB 2 A2 C55 /W8 2008 Shenzhou spacecraft and lunar exploration project : China's space exploration Wu, Weiren Asian Center
AC-12944d HD 30.2 O45 2010 Asian productivity organization: practical knowledge management guide for SME owners and managers by Naoki Ogiwara, Ogiwara, Naoki Asian Center
AC-12950d HV 376 S62 2002 Social protection in Southeast & East Asia Asian Center
AC-12955d UA 830 E38 East Asian strategic review. Asian Center
AC-12968d HT 169 A785 D96 The dynamics of metropolitan management in Southeast Asia Asian Center
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