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AC-27645 JZ 6005 /A27 2011 Security beyond the state : private security in international politics Abrahamsen, Rita Asian Center
AC-27646 JZ 6009 S64 S76 2011 Xp/Se Southeast Asia and the rise of China : the search for security Storey, Ian Asian Center
AC-27649 HB 3808 G46 2012 Xp The Global financial crisis and Asia: implications and challenges Asian Center
AC-27653 HQ 799 C55 /C53 2012 Cn Youth culture in China : from Red Guards to netizens Clark, Paul Asian Center
AC-27660 DS 556.5 /T39 2013 A history of the Vietnamese Taylor, K. W. Asian Center
AC-27661 DS 56.7 /A34 2013 ASEAN economic community scorecard : performance and perception Asian Center
AC-27662 HD 9576 C52 /A53 2011 Cn China, oil and global politics Andrews-Speed, C. P. Asian Center
AC-27663 BP 63 I5 /C66 2013 Contemporary developments in Indonesian Islam : explaining the "conservative turn" Asian Center
AC-27664 BP 173.7/ E53 2013 Encountering Islam : the politics of religious identities in Southeast Asia Asian Center
AC-27665 HC 441 /A855 2013 Enhancing ASEAN's connectivity Asian Center
AC-27666 DS 777.8 S88 2013 Cn Foreign relations of the PRC : the legacies and constraints of China's international politics since 1949 Sutter, Robert G. Asian Center
AC-27667 JV 8490 /M525 2013 Migration and diversity in Asian contexts Asian Center
AC-27670 HC 435 T66 2013 The economy of modern India : from 1860 to the twenty-first century Tomlinson, B. R. Asian Center
AC-27671 HV 6431 /D43 2014 Gen Debating terrorism and counterterrorism : conflicting perspectives on causes, contexts, and responses Asian Center
AC-27672 E 183.8 C5 W36 2013 The United States and China : a history from the eighteenth century to the present Wang, Dong Asian Center
AC-27673 ML 128 P63 /W35 2013 Ph Tin Pan Alley and the Philippines : American songs of war and love, 1898-1946 : a resource guide Walsh, Thomas P. Asian Center
AC-27674 HV 6771 A758 /Q34 2011 Xp Curbing corruption in Asian countries: an impossible dream? Quah, Jon S. T. Asian Center
AC-27675 DS 63.18 /I58 2013 International relations of the Middle East Asian Center
AC-27680 HF 3756 /R64 2012 The emerging markets of the Middle East : strategies for entry and growth Rogmans, Tim J. Asian Center
AC-27684 BS 580 A3 /L48 2012 Inheriting Abraham : the legacy of the patriarch in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Levenson, Jon Douglas. Asian Center
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