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AC-001mp Political map of the Philippines Asian Center
AC-002mp Political map of the Asia Asian Center
AC-003mp Map of Northern Asia. Asian Center
AC-004mp Map of Southern Asia. Asian Center
AC-005mp Map of Eastern Asia. Asian Center
AC-006mp Map of Southeast Asia. Asian Center
AC-10343d KNC 403 E96 1986 Evolution of labour legislation in Asia. Asian Center
AC-11186d DS 665 N66 1978 The non-Christian and non-Muslim cultural communities of Mindanao: an introduction Asian Center
AC-11388d JZ 1242 /A43 2012 Foreign policy analysis : new approaches Alden, Chris Asian Center
AC-11389d HN 733.5 /U53 2011 Understanding Chinese society Asian Center
AC-11426d TT617 J33 1984 Colour for men a complete approach to looking your best Jackson, Carole Asian Center
AC-11786d DS 509.3 /P66 2011 Popular culture and the state in East and Southeast Asia Asian Center
AC-11975d BJ 971 B8 /S28 2011 Satsuma bushido Satsuma spirits / Society of Satsuma Samurai Spirits. Asian Center
AC-12093d L 601 S77 2012 Strengthening Korean studies in the Philippines : 2012 Philippine Korean studies symposium proceedings Asian Center
AC-12256d HG 3300.6 M3 T35 2010 A shared journey: Maybank's story Taing, Anna Asian Center
AC-12275d DS 666 M8 K58 2011 Khutba : on disability and inclusive development Asian Center
AC-12289d DS 664 /A44 2012 America's informal empires : Philippines and Japan Asian Center
AC-12352d HC 415 E5 /S68 2012 Southeast Asian wisdom stories for sustainable development : an anthology with philosophical commentaries and teaching guides Asian Center
AC-12368d HD 75 E24 2011 ECFA and East Asia : economic integration Asian Center
AC-12369d JZ 6009.C352 /K38 2012 Central Asia and the rise of normative powers: contextualizing the security governance of the European Union, China, and India Kavalski, Emilian. Asian Center
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