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AC-27716 JZ 1242 H37 2015 Cases in international relations : pathways to conflict and cooperation Hastedt, Glenn P. Asian Center
AC-27757 DS 806 /H66 2015 Japan : the basics Hood, Christopher P. Asian Center
AC-27759 DS 33.4 C5 /H65 2015 China's coming war with Asia Holslag, Jonathan Asian Center
AC-27760 JZ 1242 /L38 2015 Theories of international relations : contending approaches to world politics Lawson, Stephanie Asian Center
AC-27762 H 62 /B87 2016 Mixed methods for policy research and program evaluation Burch, Patricia Asian Center
AC-27764 DS 650.54 /V5413 2015 Brunei : from the age of commerce to the 21st century Vienne, Marie-Sybille de Asian Center
AC-27770 JZ 1745 /H66 2015 Regional risk and security in Japan : whither the everyday Hook, Glenn D. Asian Center
AC-27772 KZ 3881 S46 /C43 2015 The China-Japan border dispute : islands of contention in multidisciplinary perspective Asian Center
AC-27774 HD 75 /P44 2015 Theories of development : contentions, arguments, alternatives Peet, Richard Asian Center
AC-27777 DS 504.5 /E285 2015 East Asia in the world : an introduction Asian Center
AC-27778 DS 686.616 A46 /A3 2015 Endless journey : a memoir Almonte, Jose T. Asian Center
AC-27781 BL 1055 /D53 2015 Dialogue in early South Asian religions : Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain traditions Asian Center
AC-27791 DS 935 /S57 2015 North Korea : markets and military rule Smith, Hazel Asian Center
AC-27792 JQ 1519 A4 /W75 2015 Party and state in post-Mao China Wright, Teresa Asian Center
AC-27798 BX 1665 /M86 2015 The Catholic invasion of China : remaking Chinese Christianity Mungello, D. E. Asian Center
AC-27799 JZ 1734 /C55 2015 China, India and the future of international society Asian Center
AC-27800 E 183.8 C5 /U48 2015 China, the United States, and the future of Central Asia : U.S.-China relations volume 1 Asian Center
AC-27803 QC 903.2 C5 /C55 2016 Climate risk and resilience in China Asian Center
AC-27809 GR 341 T63 /Y3613 2015 Folk legends from Tono : Japan's spirits, deities, and phantastic creatures Yanagita, Kunio Asian Center
AC-27810 DS 932.7 /H37 2015 The hidden people of North Korea : everyday life in the hermit kingdom Hassig, Ralph C. Asian Center
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