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AIT-5043 G 155 A1 R93 Recreational tourism : a social science perspective Ryan, Chris Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-669G G 155 T5 D87 1987 Natural history and nature-oriented adventure travel for rural development and wildlands management : diagnosis of research needs and project opportunities for Thailand Durst, Patrick B. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6761 GT 3405/V36 2007 Human resource management for events : managing the event workforce Van der Wagen, Lynn Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6762 TX 911.3 M27 H66 2007 A Host of opportunities : an introduction to hospitality management Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6765 TX 911.3 P4/S66 2007 Hospitality employee management and supervision : concepts and practical applications Sommerville, Kerry L. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6767 VK 982 M35/B55 2006 A visual cruising guide to the Maine coast Bildner, James L. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6768 TX 911.3 M3/L49 2007 Marketing leadership in hospitality and tourism : strategies and tactics for competitive advantage Shoemaker, Stowe Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6773 HD 31/R5583 2007 Management Robbins, Stephen P. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6839 GV 1851 A35/C53 2007 The global theme park industry Clave, Salvador Anton Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6840 G 155 P73 P76 2007 Prospects for polar tourism Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6842 G 156.5 E26/T66 2007 Tourism and protected areas : benefits beyond boundaries ; the Vth IUCN World Parks Congress Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6843 G 155 D4 T674 2001 Tourism and the less developed world : issues and case studies Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6844 G 155 D4 E46 2007 Understanding Western tourists in developing countries Egmond, Antonius Nicolaas Francesco van Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6845 HD 62.4/S22 2005 Managing organizations in a global economy : an intercultural perspective Saee, John Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6846 HF 5686 C8/S46 2006 Cases in cost management : a strategic emphasis Shank, John K. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-6847 HF 5825/J49 2008 Creative strategy in advertising Drewniany, Bonnie L. Asian Institute of Tourism
AL-1783 PR 9604.3 O94 1998 The Oxford literary history of Australia College of Arts and Letters
AL-1785 PL5086.5.E5/S43 2001 Secrets need words : Indonesian poetry, 1966-1998 College of Arts and Letters
AL-1786f PL 6110 /B65 2004 Bokabularyong traylinggwal : Waray-Filipino-English. College of Arts and Letters
AL-1787f PL 6115 Z5 /B65 2003 Bokabularyong Yakan-Filipino-English traylinggwal : Yakan-Filipino-Ingles. College of Arts and Letters
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