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AC-27787 BP 187.3 /T34 2013 The longest journey : Southeast Asians and the pilgrimage to Mecca Tagliacozzo, Eric Asian Center
AC-27788 DS 63.1 /P37 2014 The modern Middle East : a social and cultural history Papp‚e, Ilan Asian Center
AC-27789 JC 599 C6 /C53 2014 Moral China in the age of reform Ci, Jiwei Asian Center
AC-27790 JQ 36 /G55 2014 The nature of Asian politics Gilley, Bruce Asian Center
AC-27791 DS 935 /S57 2015 North Korea : markets and military rule Smith, Hazel Asian Center
AC-27792 JQ 1519 A4 /W75 2015 Party and state in post-Mao China Wright, Teresa Asian Center
AC-27794 DS 79.769 /A39 2014 The struggle for Iraq's future : how corruption, incompetence and sectarianism have undermined democracy Al-Ali, Zaid Asian Center
AC-27795 DS 595 /T73 2014 Transforming Malaysia : dominant and competing paradigms Asian Center
AC-27796 GN 635 I4 /S244 2013 Tribal folktales of India : a study in anthropological perspective Sahay, Sarita Asian Center
AC-27797 HT 147 A2 /W67 2011 Worlding cities : Asian experiments and the art of being global Asian Center
AC-27798 BX 1665 /M86 2015 The Catholic invasion of China : remaking Chinese Christianity Mungello, D. E. Asian Center
AC-27799 JZ 1734 /C55 2015 China, India and the future of international society Asian Center
AC-27800 E 183.8 C5 /U48 2015 China, the United States, and the future of Central Asia : U.S.-China relations volume 1 Asian Center
AC-27801 HC 427.92 /A35 2013 China's development : capitalism and empire Aglietta, Michel Asian Center
AC-27802 JZ 1730 /H45 2014 China's foreign political and economic relations : an unconventional global power Heilmann, Sebastian Asian Center
AC-27803 QC 903.2 C5 /C55 2016 Climate risk and resilience in China Asian Center
AC-27806 KNQ 502.4 /B46 2013 Defending rights in contemporary China Benney, Jonathan Asian Center
AC-27807 BF 1584 I5 /B83 2014 The empty seashell : witchcraft and doubt on an Indonesian island Bubandt, Nils Asian Center
AC-27808 JQ 220 S8 /B53 2010 Federalism in Asia : India, Pakistan and Malaysia Bhattacharyya, Harihar Asian Center
AC-27809 GR 341 T63 /Y3613 2015 Folk legends from Tono : Japan's spirits, deities, and phantastic creatures Yanagita, Kunio Asian Center
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