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AC-27850 JQ 24 /I52 2017 Public organizations in Asia Im, To-bin Asian Center
AC-27851 HC 445 /U52 2016 Unequal Thailand : aspects of income, wealth, and power Asian Center
AC-27852 HV 555 A78 /U73 2016 Urban disasters and resilience in Asia Asian Center
AC-27853 DS 446 V58 2011 Interrogating international relations : India's strategic practice and the return of history Vivekanandan, Jayashree, author Asian Center
AC-27854 HN 700.6 K78 O86 2014 The other Kuala Lumpur : living in the shadows of a globalising Southeast Asian city Asian Center
AC-27855 DS 525.8 H39 2014 The South China Sea : the struggle for power in Asia Hayton, Bill Asian Center
AC-327t LG 996 2011 P46 /C58 Paglilimi : isang pagsasabuhay ng kapayapaan na bunga ng edukasyong pangkapayapaan. Chua, Wilson Sevilla. Asian Center
AC-328t LG 996 2011 P46 /P39 A Study of the ethnics of lived feminisms in the Philippines. Payongayong, Ma. Theresa T. Asian Center
AC-329t LG 996 2011 P46 /O73 Mga konsepto at diskurso ng pagkataong sexual : tungo sa konstruksyon ng pagkababae at pagkalalaki sa mga texto ng katesismong katoliko at diksyonaryong filipino. Orate, Allan C.. Asian Center
AC-330t LG 995 2011 P46 /M34 The Law of the sea treaty in the Philippines : an account of issues in decision making processes. Madrigal, Christopher L. Asian Center
AC-332t LG 996 2011P46 /G84 Situating traditional cultural values in the organizational culture of a food service facility : the case of a quick service restaurant chain in the Philippines Guevarra, Shirley Villosillo Asian Center
AC-333t LG 996 2011 P46 /P36 Ang Politika, kultura, at ekonomiks ng huweteng gamit ang teksto ng degla. Pamintuan, Jema M. Asian Center
AC-334t LG 996 2012 P46 /D45 Koro at lipunang Pilipino : an inquiry into social capital and human development in Philippine choirs. De Leon, Abigail D. Asian Center
AC-335t LG 996 2012 P46 /O32 Mutya : pamamaybay sa larangan ng isang diwa. Odal-Devora, Grace P. Asian Center
Ac-337t LG 995 2012 P46 /N63 Philippines-Australia relations : coast watch south. Noble, Richlyn Mary Grace Asian Center
AC-338t LG 995 2013 A8 D45 Philippines-China relations : the linkage of economic and security interests. De Guzman, Charles Joseph Garcia Asian Center
AC-339t LG 996 2013 P46 /P36 The Influence of the 1986 People Power Revolution on the basic education curriculum : a case study of to private secondary schools in Metro Manila. Panganiban, Evangeline S. Asian Center
AC-340t LG 996 2013 P46 /E72 Culture in governance : Marikina's Ka-Angkan festival, meaning-making and urban policy process. Era, Joy Sheelah B. Asian Center
AC-341t LG 996 2013 P46 /L36 Baybayin : makabayang hibik sa tinig ng sinaunang titik 1882-2012. Lapiz, Eduardo M.. Asian Center
AC-342t LG 995 2013 A8 /O23 Nihon no imeji (Japan's images) through Anime : perceptions of Filipino students in selected universities. Obispo, Joanna Luisa B. Asian Center
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