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AC-27831 JC 571 /I65 2016 An introduction to non-traditional security studies : a transnational approach Asian Center
AC-27832 DS 525.7 /R635 2014 Chinindean : balance of power and the interlocking interest of China, India and ASEAN in Southeast Asia Rocina, Jose Aims R. Asian Center
AC-27834 HD 9999 C9472 H36 2015 Creative economy and culture : challenges, changes and futures for the creative industries Hartley, John Asian Center
AC-27835 HM 621 /W33 2012 Doing cultural theory Walton, David Asian Center
AC-27836 ZA 4228 /S26 2016 Doing qualitative research online Salmons, Janet Asian Center
AC-27837 GN 635 S57 /F54 2014 Fieldwork in South Asia : memories, moments, and experiences Asian Center
AC-27838 HF 1586.5 /I53 2015 India, China and sub-regional connectivities in South Asia Asian Center
AC-27840 JQ 1410 /F73 2015 Politics and government Francisco, Paul Micah S. Asian Center
AC-27841 H 62 /D76 2017 Quantifying the qualitative : information theory for comparative case analysis Drozdova, Katya Asian Center
AC-27842 HD 9502.A782 /S65 2015 Southeast Asian energy transitions : between modernity and sustainability Smits, Mattijs Asian Center
AC-27843 HV 6432 /C36 2016 Terrorism and homeland security : a text/reader Capron, Timothy A. Asian Center
AC-27844 G 2261 G1 B73 2016 The Routledge Atlas of South Asian affairs Bradnock, Robert W. Asian Center
AC-27845 GF 41 /A53 2015 Understanding cultural geography : places and traces Anderson, Jon Asian Center
AC-27846 LB 2369 /T4577 2016 Writing a proposal for your dissertation : guidelines and examples Terrell, Steven R. Asian Center
AC-27847 KNE 173 /W66 2016 The ASEAN Charter : a commentary Woon, Walter C. M. Asian Center
AC-27848 HC 460.5 G69 2016 East Asia's reemergence Golub, Philip S. Asian Center
AC-27849 JQ 779 A553 M3313 2015 Islam and politics in Indonesia : the Masyumi Party between democracy and integralism Madinier, R‚emy Asian Center
AC-27850 JQ 24 /I52 2017 Public organizations in Asia Im, To-bin Asian Center
AC-27851 HC 445 U52 2016 Unequal Thailand : aspects of income, wealth, and power Asian Center
AC-27852 HV 555 A78 /U73 2016 Urban disasters and resilience in Asia Asian Center
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