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AC-351t LG 995 2014 A8 /F47 Forging peace in South Thailand : case study of the building peace by teaching peace program in Pattani province. Ferrer, Jasmine V. Asian Center
AC-352t LG 995 2014 A8 /A44 Civil society and political change in Burma/Myanmar : exploring the role of civil society in the transition to a "diciplined democracy" Alicias, Maria Dolores. Asian Center
AC-353t LG 995 2014 P46 /M33 The Role of Indonesia and Malaysia in the peace process in Southern Philippines : a comparative assessment. Maamor, Asnawi M. Asian Center
AC-354t LG 996 2014 P46 /C36 Indian textiles in the Philippines ; contexts of encounter and traces of practice. Canta, Marilyn R. Asian Center
AC-358t LG 995 2016 P46 /D45 Apostlic catholic church : an ethnohistory of a social movement De Leon, Ann Louise Asian Center
AC-359t LG 995 2016 P46 /I87 Refusing a life without poverty : scarcity and abundance in Dolphy's situation comedies Israel, Lorna Quejong Asian Center
AC-360t LG 995 2016 A8 /T34 "Maximizing the social life chances" : a case study on the cross-border adaptation of first generation Indonesian migrants in the municipality of Glan, Sarangani province Tadeo, Erika Riza J. Asian Center
AC-361t LG 995 2016 A8 /T36 Illustrating recovery : traditional Japanese art styles and modern graphic design styles in the graphic design of Tokyo 1964 Tantoco, Clio Kimberly R. Asian Center
AC-362t LG 995 2016 P46 /P37 Making the foreign familiar : examination of the Philippine remake o the Korean drama. First shop of the coffee prince Pasigan, Renz Erwin B. Asian Center
AC-363t LG 995 2016 A8 /S86 Repackaging Japanese culture : the digitalization of folktales in the pokemon franchise Sumilang, Erika Ann D. Asian Center
AC-364t LG 995 2016 A8 /V56 Japanese pop culture exposure nd consumption : influence on youth attitudes based on two Asian student survey datasets. Villota, Alleson D. Asian Center
AC-365t LG 995 2016 P46 /P38 Identity, transformation, and customary law among the Bago Igorots : examining conflict resolution methods in a changing ethnoscape Pawilen, Ryan Alvin M. Asian Center
AC-9379d DS 706 Q52 China, a general survey Qi, Wen Asian Center
AIT-1032G HB 171.5/S25 2005 Economics Samuelson, Paul Anthony Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-1033G G 155 D4 T674 2001 Tourism and the less developed world : issues and case studies Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-1166 AS 6 N25 The conference book Nadler, Leonard. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-1189 HF 5686 H75 C53 Hospitality management accounting Coltman, Michael M. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-1803 TX 911/H68 The Hotel-motel feasibility study. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-4974 TX 911.3 M3 F67 Marketing hospitality : sales and marketing for hotels, motels and resorts Foster, Dennis L. Asian Institute of Tourism
AIT-5043 G 155 A1 R93 Recreational tourism : a social science perspective Ryan, Chris Asian Institute of Tourism
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