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AC-27853 DS 446 V58 2011 Interrogating international relations : India's strategic practice and the return of history Vivekanandan, Jayashree, author Asian Center
AC-27854 HN 700.6 K78 O86 2014 The other Kuala Lumpur : living in the shadows of a globalising Southeast Asian city Asian Center
AC-27855 DS 525.8 H39 2014 The South China Sea : the struggle for power in Asia Hayton, Bill Asian Center
AC-27857 QH 77 I5 /C383 2016 Catastrophe and regeneration in Indonesia's peatlands : ecology, economy and society Asian Center
AC-27869 DS 799.63 C6 /C65 2017 Convergence or conflict in the Taiwan Strait : the illusion of peace? Cole, J. Michael Asian Center
AC-27870 JZ 5584 A785 /A38 2016 Forging peace in Southeast Asia : insurgencies, peace processes, and reconciliation Abuza, Zachary Asian Center
AC-27871 DS 754 /P67 2016 Imperial China, 1350-1900 Porter, Jonathan Asian Center
AC-27877 DS 525.9 C5 /D58 2017 Southeast Asia and China : a contest in mutual socialization Dittmer, Lowell Asian Center
AC-27878 DS 916 /B89 2017 The making of Modern Korea Buzo, Adrian Asian Center
AC-27880 KZA 1692 /C67 2016 The South China Sea dispute : navigating diplomatic and strategic tensions Asian Center
AC-27891 DS 667.28 /F55 2016 Filipino studies : palimpsests of nation and diaspora Asian Center
AC-27911 DS 36.88 /M32 2016 A century of Arab politics : from the Arab Revolt to the Arab Spring Maddy-Weitzman, Bruce Asian Center
AC-27912 HT 993 /A265 2016 Abolitions as a global experience Asian Center
AC-27914 HC 427.92 /Y82 2011 Economic development and inequality in China : the case of Guangdong Hong, Yu Asian Center
AC-27915 BP 173.4 /G46 2014 Gender and power in Indonesian Islam : leaders, feminists, Sufis and pesantren selves Asian Center
AC-27916 HM 756 /G56 2015 Global community? : transnational and transdisciplinary exchanges Asian Center
AC-27917 JZ 5538 /G69 2010 Governance for harmony in Asia and beyond Asian Center
AC-27918 HV 6433 I722 /G47 2016 ISIS : a history Gerges, Fawaz A. Asian Center
AC-27920 HN 723.5 /A68 2014 Japan's new left movements : legacies for civil society Ando, Takemasa Asian Center
AC-27921 HF1602.5 /K67 2002 Korea and globalization : politics, economics and culture Asian Center
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