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AC-13584d HT 388 U74 The ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry : partnership in regional economic development Urgel, Elizabeth T., author Asian Center
AC-13585d HC 412 R432 2002 Recreating Asia : visions for a new century Asian Center
AC-13586d DS 525.9 C6 C44 China ASEAN relations : political, economic & ethnic dimensions Asian Center
AC-13587d DS 688 M2 A25 Making Mindanao : Cotabato and Davao in the formation of the Philippine nation-state Abinales, Patricio N. Asian Center
AC-13588d DS 672.8 A25 2005 State and society in the Philippines Abinales, Patricio N. Asian Center
AC-13589d HM 753 Z53 2005 Authentic though not exotic : essays on Filipino identity Zialcita, Fernando Nakpil Asian Center
AC-13590d HD 9000.6 L38 1986 World Hunger : twelve myths. Lappe, Frances Moore Asian Center
AC-13593d HC467.756 T73 2006 Transformations in twentieth century Korea Asian Center
AC-13594d JQ 1725 A55 P64428 2008 Diamond dilemma : shaping Korea for the 21st century Hussain, Tariq Asian Center
AC-13595d DS 904 Y806 2008 100 cultural symbols of Korea : 100 windows showcasing Korea Yu, MyŠong-jong Asian Center
AC-13596d HD 70 K6 C43 2009 The changing face of Korean management Asian Center
AC-13597d HN 730.5 A8 M6 2007 Modern Korean Society : its development and prospect Asian Center
AC-13598d PL 992.425 C48 P6613 2005 My sister Bongsoon Kong, Chi-yŠong Asian Center
AC-13600d PN 1993.5 K6 N48 2005 New Korean cinema Asian Center
AC-13601d DS 920.8 N6413 2009 No Gun Ri Incident victim review report Asian Center
AC-13602d DS 924 T655 S66 2010 Historical verification of Korea's sovereignty over Ulleungdo and Dokdo Song, Pyong-gi Asian Center
AC-13603d Multilingual hong kong : languages, literacies and identities C.S. Li, David. Asian Center
AC-13605d GV 1703 A785 F65 2016 The folk performing arts in ASEAN Asian Center
AC-13606d DS 687.4 A5 2015 R34 Rising to the challenges of leadership Ramos, Fidel V. Asian Center
AC-13607d DS 687.42 A5 2013 Bulletin of FVR : sermons Ramos, Fidel Valdez Asian Center
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