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AC-12594d HC 412 A726 2013 Xp Asia rising : growth and resilience in an uncertain global economy Asian Center
ac-12607d DS 924 T655 /S55 2012 Sixteen points for understanding the truth about Dokdo Shin, Yong Ha Asian Center
AC-12649d PL 856 U673 /A61213 2013 1Q84 Murakami, Haruki Asian Center
AC-12651d PL 856 U673 /A61213 2013 1Q84 Murakami, Haruki Asian Center
AC-12652d DS 888.25 /M67 2012 Showa: an inside history of Hirohito's Japan Morris-Suzuki, Tessa. Asian Center
AC-12659d DS 339.2 /C66 2011 Communalism and globalization in South Asia and its diaspora Asian Center
AC-12660d HD 2744 /B83 2012 Hedge fund activism in Japan : the limits of shareholder primacy Buchanan, John Asian Center
AC-12663d JZ 5584 A7 /D56 2013 Diminishing conflicts in Asia and the Pacific : why some subside and others don't Asian Center
AC-12686d HD6276 J3 /B75 2011 Lost in transition : youth, work, and instability in postindustrial Japan Brinton, Mary C. Asian Center
AC-12784d BL 65 S8 K64 2014 Religion and authoritarianism : cooperation, conflict, and the consequences Koesel, Karrie J. Asian Center
AC-12785d HD 9560.6 /H84 2014 Globalizing oil : firms and oil market governance in France, Japan, and the United States Hughes, Llewelyn Asian Center
AC-12786d HT 690 J3 V6 2013 Japan's new middle class Vogel, Ezra F. Asian Center
AC-12889d BL 1035 G74 The Great Asian religions; an anthology. Asian Center
AC-12894d JX 1405 T34 "This very human institution" commentaries and addresses on the United Nations and U.S. Foreign Policy. Kirpatrick, Jeane J. Asian Center
AC-12909d BP 63 I5 N5 Aspects of Islam in post-colonial Indonesia, five essays Nieuwenhuijze, Christoffel Anthonie Olivier van Asian Center
AC-12955d UA 830 E38 East Asian strategic review. Asian Center
AC-13048d PN 203 C6 1958 Style in language, Asian Center
AC-13161d HC 60 /K665 2015 Korean ODA policy and law Asian Center
AC-13180d JV 8685 O56 2015 Transforming Nikkeijin identity and citizenship : untold life stories of Japanese migrants and their descendants in the Philippines, 1903-2013 Ohno, Shun Asian Center
AC-13193d Z675 N2 /I585 2015 Pik teit'ĉo sidae, kungnip tosĉogwan ĉui yĉokhal = The role of national libraries in the big data era. Asian Center
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