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AC-27744 HQ 1728.7 /H65 2014 Women & conflict in the Middle East : Palestinian refugees and the response to violence Holt, Maria Asian Center
AC-27745 HC 427.95 C5565 2014 China-India : pathways of economic and social development Asian Center
AC-27746 KNQ 1155 /C45 2011 Chinese intellectual property and technology laws Asian Center
AC-27747 JZ 1253 /H837 2014 Foreign policy analysis : classic and contemporary theory Hudson, Valerie M. Asian Center
AC-27748 DS 481 G3 /M34 2014 Fundamentals of Gandhian thought Maharajan, M. Asian Center
AC-27750 DS 35.2 I58 2014 International relations of Asia Asian Center
AC-27751 HD 9975 A75 I56 2013 International trade in recyclable and hazardous waste in Asia Asian Center
AC-27752 DS 36.85 A45 2014 Lost Islamic history : reclaiming Muslim civilisation from the past Alkhateeb, Firas Asian Center
AC-27754 HV 600 T64 /A38 2013 After the great East Japan earthquake : political and policy change in post-Fukushima Japan Asian Center
AC-27755 DS 730 /A27 2008 Ethnic identity in Tang China Abramson, Marc Samuel Asian Center
AC-27757 DS 806 /H66 2015 Japan : the basics Hood, Christopher P. Asian Center
AC-27759 DS 33.4 C5 /H65 2015 China's coming war with Asia Holslag, Jonathan Asian Center
AC-27760 JZ 1242 /L38 2015 Theories of international relations : contending approaches to world politics Lawson, Stephanie Asian Center
AC-27762 H 62 /B87 2016 Mixed methods for policy research and program evaluation Burch, Patricia Asian Center
AC-27763 JQ 1510 /C45 2014 China's political development : Chinese and American perspectives Asian Center
AC-27764 DS 650.54 /V5413 2015 Brunei : from the age of commerce to the 21st century Vienne, Marie-Sybille de Asian Center
AC-27765 GN 316 /F46 2014 Cultural anthropology : an applied perspective Ferraro, Gary P. Asian Center
AC-27767 HC 441 /G744 2013 Greater Mekong Subregion : from geographical to socio-economic integration Asian Center
AC-27768 JZ 1734 /D69 2011 Modern China and the new world : the reemergence of the Middle Kingdom in the twenty-first century Doyle, Randall Jordan Asian Center
AC-27770 JZ 1745 /H66 2015 Regional risk and security in Japan : whither the everyday Hook, Glenn D. Asian Center
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