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AC-13888d LG 988 /S25 2014 Saliksik UP : salin ng mga abstrak ng mga pananaliksik sa UP (2005-2011) Asian Center
AC-13889d G2330 K83 2016 The national atlas of Korea Asian Center
AC-13890d G2330 K83 2016 The national atlas of Korea Asian Center
AC-13891d DS 672.8 R58 2018 Probing Duterte's foreign policy in the new regional order : ASEAN, China, and the U.S. Rivera, Temario C. Asian Center
AC-13892d JZ 5584 P6 S26 2016 How do you solve a problem like the GPH-NDFP peace process? : paradigm shifts for 2016 and beyond Santos, Soliman M. Asian Center
AC-13893d JS 7373 A3 K56 2017 Regional administration in Japan : departure from uniformity Kimura, Shunsuke Asian Center
AC-13894d GR 340 R45 2016 Seven demon stories from medieval Japan Reider, Noriko T. Asian Center
AC-13895d DS 890 M565 M59 2015 Politics and power in 20th-century Japan : the reminiscences of Miyazawa Kiichi Miyazawa, Kiichi Asian Center
AC-13896d HN 723.5 S63 2017 Social inequality in post-growth Japan : transformation during economic and demographic stagnation Asian Center
AC-13897d DS 822.5 E53 2017 The end of cool Japan : ethical, legal, and cultural challenges to Japanese popular culture Asian Center
AC-13898d JQ 1698 M55 D46 2017 The democratic party of Japan in power : challenges and failures Asian Center
AC-13899d JZ 5675 F57 2016 Asia's latent nuclear powers : Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Fitzpatrick, Mark Asian Center
AC-13900d HD 6079.2 J3 Z33 2016 Our unions, our selves : the rise of feminist labor unions in Japan Zacharias-Walsh, Anne Asian Center
AC-13902d PL 716 C36 2016 The Cambridge history of Japanese literature Asian Center
AC-13903d DS 897 K85 K96 2016 Kyoto visual culture in the early Edo and Meiji periods : the arts of reinvention Asian Center
AC-13904d HC 462.95 N35 2017 Japanese firms during the lost two decades : the recovery of zombie firms and entrenchment of reputable firms Nakamura, Jun-ichi Asian Center
AC-13905d DS 509.5 A1 M85 2016 Multiculturalism in East Asia : a transnational exploration of Japan, South Korea and Taiwan Asian Center
AC-13906d PN 2926 T32 S84 2008 Gender gymnastics : performing and consuming Japan's Takarazuka Revue Stickland, Leonie R. Asian Center
AC-13907d HD 6276 J32 T65 2013 Japan's emerging youth policy : getting young adults back to work Toivonen, Tuukka H. I. Asian Center
AC-13908d HQ 1236.5 J3 D35 2015 Women and politics in contemporary Japan Dalton, Emma Asian Center
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