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AC-13929d HD 3616 J33 F73 2015 Japanese economic development : theory and practice Francks, Penelope Asian Center
AC-13930d HQ 682 C66 2015 Configurations of family in contemporary Japan Asian Center
AC-13931d HQ 1090.7 J3 C66 2016 Reconstructing adult masculinities : part-time work in contemporary Japan Cook, Emma E. Asian Center
AC-13932d HQ 1762 H36 2016 Femininity, self-harm and eating disorders in Japan : navigating contradiction in narrative and visual culture Hansen, Gitte Marianne Asian Center
AC-13933d HN 723 T56 2016 Modern Japan : a social and political history Tipton, Elise K. Asian Center
AC-13934d LC 191.8 J3 A73 2016 The strange child : education and the psychology of patriotism in recessionary Japan Arai, Andrea Asian Center
AC-13935d HC 60 J3 2016 Japan's development assistance : foreign aid and the post-2015 agenda Asian Center
AC-13936d HC 465 E44 M53 2016 Micro-performance during postwar Japan's high-growth era Asian Center
AC-13937d DK 857.75 J3 D33 2016 Japan in Central Asia : strategies, initiatives, and neighboring powers Dadabaev, Timur Asian Center
AC-13938d PN 2921 A52 2015 Contemporary Japanese women's theatre and visual arts : performing girls' aesthetics Anan, Nobuko Asian Center
AC-13939d HB 1061 F85 2016 Marriage and fertility behaviour in Japan : economic status and value-orientation Fukuda, Nobutaka Asian Center
AC-13940d DS 885.2 T73 2016 Transnational Japan as history : empire, migration, and social movements Asian Center
AC-13941d SB 466 J32 C58 2014 Kyoto gardens : masterworks of the Japanese gardener's art Clancy, Judith Asian Center
AC-13942d PE 1068 J3 L66 2015 Long-term effects of learning English : experiences from Japanese primary schools Asian Center
AC-13943d HB 1061 S46 2015 Childbearing and careers of Japanese women born in the 1960s Senda, Yukiko Asian Center
AC-13944d JQ 1631 E58 2014 Japanese diplomacy : the role of leadership Envall, H. D. P. Asian Center
AC-13945d P 306.8 J3 C54 2015 A cultural history of translation in early modern Japan Clements, Rebekah Asian Center
AC-13946d Q 175.5 L47 2015 Lessons from Fukushima : Japanese case studies on science, technology and society Asian Center
AC-13947d HG 3326 W47 2003 Princes of the Yen : Japan's central bankers and the transformation of the economy Werner, Richard Asian Center
AC-13948d DS 822.5 D45 2014 Cool Japan guide : fun in the land of manga, lucky cats, and ramen Denson, Abby Asian Center
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