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AC-13949d JV 5218 J37 2015 Japanese Taiwan : colonial rule and its contested legacy Asian Center
AC-13950d HN 730 S6 S55 2014 Social inequality in Japan Shirahase, Sawako Asian Center
AC-13951d HC 462.8 M58 2015 Japan's economic planning and mobilization in wartime, 1930s-1940s : the competence of the state Miwa, Yoshiro Asian Center
AC-13952d P 57 J3 F67 2015 Foreign language education in Japan : exploring qualitative approaches Asian Center
AC-13953d DS 806 J378 2015 Japan : the precarious future Asian Center
AC-13954d HN 723.5 E93 2015 Examining Japan's lost decades Asian Center
AC-13955d PN 6714 B69 2015 Boys love manga and beyond : history, culture, and community in Japan Asian Center
AC-13956d JQ 1631 J3 2015 Japanese and Korean politics : alone and apart from each other Asian Center
AC-13957d DS 849 C6 W35 2016 Understanding Japan-China relations : theories and issues Wan, Ming Asian Center
AC-13958d DS 849 C6 H66 2015 The China problem in postwar Japan : Japanese national identity and Sino-Japanese relations Hoppens, Robert James Asian Center
AC-13959d GR 340 F66 2015 The book of Yokai : mysterious creatures of Japanese folklore Foster, Michael Dylan Asian Center
AC-13960d D 802 P5 K35 2016 Angels of the underground : the American women who resisted the Japanese in the Philippines in World War II Kaminski, Theresa Asian Center
AC-13961d JQ 1631 J37 2015 Japanese and Russian politics : polar opposites or something in common? Asian Center
AC-13962d PL 725 M37 2015 Foodscapes of contemporary Japanese women writers : an ecocritical journey around the hearth of modernity Masami, Yuki Asian Center
AC-13963d HJ 192.5 C37 2015 Japan Inc. on the brink : institutional corruption and agency failure Carpenter, Susan Asian Center
AC-13964d HC 462.95 W35 2015 Japan's great stagnation and abenomics : lessons for the world Wakatabe, Masazumi Asian Center
AC-13965d TX 321 K66 2014 The life-changing magic of tidying up : the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing Kondo, Marie Asian Center
AC-13966d P 94.65 J3 G35 2014 The Moe manifesto : an insider's look at the worlds of manga, anime, and gaming Galbraith, Patrick W. Asian Center
AC-13967d HM 477 J3 R68 2013 Routledge companion to contemporary Japanese social theory : from individualization to globalization in Japan today Asian Center
AC-13968d DS 509.3 P66 2012 Popular culture and the state in East and Southeast Asia Asian Center
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