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AC-13969d HC 462.95 P47 2014 Japanization : what the world can learn from Japan's lost decades Pesek, William Asian Center
AC-13970d HQ799 J3 A83 2014 Japanese schoolgirl confidential : how teenage girls made a nation cool Ashcraft, Brian Asian Center
AC-13971d TX 809 N65 S65 2014 The untold history of Ramen : how political crisis in Japan spawned a global food craze Solt, George Asian Center
AC-13972d PL 698 W65 N35 2014 Gender, language and ideology : a genealogy of Japanese women's language Nakamura, Momoko Asian Center
AC-13973d NK 1484 A1 G73 2014 Japanese design : art, aesthetics & culture Graham, Patricia Jane Asian Center
AC-13974d DS 822.5 H57 2014 Japan : the paradox of harmony Hirata, Keiko Asian Center
AC-13975d BJ 971 B8 B45 2014 Inventing the way of the samurai : nationalism, internationalism, and bushido in modern Japan Benesch, Oleg Asian Center
AC-13976d JZ1745 A5 H84 2015 Japan's foreign and security policy under the 'Abe Doctrine' : new dynamism or new dead end? Hughes, Christopher W. Asian Center
AC-13977d D 519 J28 2015 Japan and the Great War Asian Center
ac-13978d PN 1993 5 J3 B55 2015 Contemporary Japanese cinema since Hana-bi Bingham, Adam Asian Center
AC-13979d NC 1766 J3 B85 2015 Anime, religion and spirituality : profane and sacred worlds in contemporary Japan Buljan, Katharine Asian Center
AC-13980d DS 597.2 A5 Malaysia in brief. Asian Center
AC-13981d JV 8757 K54 2016 Contested embrace : transborder membership politics in twentieth-century Korea Kim, Jaeeun Asian Center
AC-13982d LA 1333 /I67 2016 Internationalizing higher education in Korea : challenges and opportunities in comparative perspective Asian Center
AC-13983d DS 902.2 X8 2016 A Chinese traveler in medieval Korea : Xu Jing's illustrated account of the Xuanhe Embassy to Koryo Xu, Jing Asian Center
AC-13984d HQ 799.2 I58 K36 2016 Igniting the Internet : youth and activism in postauthoritarian South Korea Kang, Jiyeon Asian Center
AC-13985d PL 954 Y36 2017 From domestic women to sensitive young men : translating the individual in early colonial Korea Yang, Yoon Sun Asian Center
AC-13986d JQ 1725 A55 /Y66 2016 Advocacy and policymaking in South Korea : how the legacy of state and society relationships shapes contemporary public policy Yoon, Jiso Asian Center
AC-13987d DK 34 K67 /C45 2016 Burnt by the sun : the Koreans of the Russian Far East Chang, Jon K. Asian Center
AC-13988d DS731.O76 H358 2016 A most enterprising country : North Korea in the global economy Hastings, Justin V. Asian Center
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