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AC-13989d DS731.O76 H358 2016 Ch'oehu ĉui suryĉommin : ĉOrunch'unjok Han, Youfeng Asian Center
AC-13990d DS924.T655 Y655 Yĉongt'o haeyang yĉon'gu. Asian Center
AC-13991d PL984.E1 A54 2017 An anthology of traditional Korean literature Asian Center
AC-13992d DS919 T33 2016 MacArthur's Korean War generals Taaffe, Stephen R. Asian Center
AC-13993d NA7453.6.A1 Y545713 2016 Hanok : the traditional Korean house Yi, Ki-ung Asian Center
AC-13994d HF1602.6 H34 2017 Hard target : sanctions, inducements, and the case of North Korea Haggard, Stephan Asian Center
AC-13995d PL992.2.H48 A6164 2016 Puch'iji anĉun p'yĉonji : Chĉong Ho-sĉung sisĉonjip = A letter not sent : the collected poems of Jeong Ho-seung Chĉong, Ho-sĉung Asian Center
AC-13996d DS 904 K53 2007 Kimchi and IT : tradition and transformation in Korea Kim, Choong Soon Asian Center
AC-13997d PL984.E8 R65 2016 Romantic tales from old Korea Asian Center
AC-13998d PL994.415.A37 O3513 2016 ĉOdi ro kago sip'ĉusin'gayo Where would you like to go? / written by Kim Ae-ran ; translated by Jamie Chang. Kim, Ae-ran Asian Center
AC-13999d BL2230 K64 2012 Religion in Korea : harmony and coexistence Koehler, Robert Asian Center
AC-14000d JQ1681 A75 2016 Accidental activists : victim movements and government accountability in Japan and South Korea Arrington, Celeste L. Asian Center
AC-14001d DS907.4 K67 2017 Korea for kids. Asian Center
AC-14002d TX806 K56413 2010 Kimchi : traditional Korean food Kim, Suk-hĉui Asian Center
AC-27716 JZ 1242 H37 2015 Cases in international relations : pathways to conflict and cooperation Hastedt, Glenn P. Asian Center
AC-27757 DS 806 /H66 2015 Japan : the basics Hood, Christopher P. Asian Center
AC-27758 HM 1126 C68 2015 The contemporary conflict resolution reader Asian Center
AC-27759 DS 33.4 C5 /H65 2015 China's coming war with Asia Holslag, Jonathan Asian Center
AC-27762 H 62 /B87 2016 Mixed methods for policy research and program evaluation Burch, Patricia Asian Center
AC-27764 DS 650.54 /V5413 2015 Brunei : from the age of commerce to the 21st century Vienne, Marie-Sybille de Asian Center
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