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AC-10179d DS 664 M85 2009 Sanaysay sa kabihasnang Pilipino Mulder, Niels Asian Center
AC-10343d KNC 403 E96 1986 Evolution of labour legislation in Asia. Asian Center
AC-10949d GN 496 M85 1996 Multiculturalism in the United States and the Asia-Pacific Region Asian Center
AC-11426d TT 617 J33 1984 Colour for men : a complete approach to looking your best Jackson, Carole Asian Center
AC-11445d JA 75.7 C37 2000 Stickin' : the case for loyalty Carville, James Asian Center
AC-12340d Z 3297 M5 T52 Mindanao-Sulu bibliography : containing published, unpublished manuscripts and works-in-progress : preliminary survey Tiamson, Alfredo T. Asian Center
AC-12423d HC 60 S596 2002 Give and take : what's the matter with foreign aid? Sogge, David Asian Center
AC-12629d DS 815 M59 2006 Archaeology, society and identity in modern Japan Mizoguchi, Kňoji Asian Center
AC-12660d HD 2744 B83 2012 Hedge fund activism in Japan : the limits of shareholder primacy Buchanan, John Asian Center
AC-12662d HG 1275 R59 2002 Informality and monetary policy in Japan : the political economy of bank performance Rixtel, Adrian A. R. J. M. van. Asian Center
AC-12663d JZ 5584 A7 D56 2013 Diminishing conflicts in Asia and the Pacific : why some subside and others don't Asian Center
AC-12900d Q 175 G546 1997 Understanding scientific reasoning Giere, Ronald N., author Asian Center
AC-12982D DS 12 /T75 2009 Transnationalizing culture of Japan in Asia : dramas, musics, arts and agencies Valiente, Tito Genova Asian Center
AC-12995d TK 5105.5 A35 2007 Digital Korea: convergence of broadband internet, 3G cell phones, multiplayer gaming, digital TV, virtual reality, electronic cash, telematics, robotics, e-government and the intelligent home Ahonen, Tomi T., author Asian Center
AC-13006d HN683.5 T446 2002 Thinking social science in India : essays in honour of Alice Thorner Asian Center
AC-13010d DS 463 /I53 2004 India's colonial encounter : essays in memory of Eric Stokes Asian Center
AC-13013d HT 690 J3 /V64 1971 Japan's new middle class : the salary man and his family in a Tokyo suburb Vogel, Ezra F. Asian Center
AC-13014d LG 271 K44 /F83 1966 The autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa Fukuzawa, Yukichi Asian Center
AC-13017d DS 524.8 S55 /L44 2015 ISEAS : studying Southeast Asia Lee, Kim Chew Asian Center
AC-13018d DS 916.593 /H57 2014 The history of the Korean Independence movement Asian Center
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