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AC-13467d TX 641 K67 /Y86 2015 K-food : combining flavor, health, and nature Yun Jin-ah Asian Center
AC-13469d LA 1312 J32 Jp Japanese educational productivity Asian Center
AC-13471d JZ 5625 /K98 2004 Implementing the United Nations Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons : analysis of reports submitted by states in 2003 Kytčomčaki, Elli Asian Center
AC-13473d DF 261 A65 M45 1983 Corinth, Mykeae, Tiryns, Nauplion Meletzes, Spyros Asian Center
AC-13474d DS 902 D57 2015 Discoveries of Korea II : 20 expats' tales. Asian Center
AC-13475d PN 6790 J33 N35 1978 Barefoot Gen = Hadashi no Gen Nakazawa, Keiji Asian Center
AC-13476d PL 5170 F38 2016 Shattaariiyah silsilah in Aceh, Java, and the Lanao area of Mindanao Fathurahman, Oman Asian Center
AC-13477d BQ 626 U63 2016 Understanding 21st century China in Buddhist asia : history, modernity, and international relations Asian Center
AC-13479d PR 4838 K6 P7 1985 The progress away from romance : escapism and anti-escapism in John Keats's poetry Komoto Asian Center
AC-13481d PS 3606 U54 L66 2006 Long nights alone Fujita, Miki Asian Center
AC-13483d BL 1140.4 B432 E5 1978 Srimad-Bhagavatam : with a short life sketch of Lord Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu, the ideal preacher of Bhāgavata-dharma, and the original Sanskrit text, its roman transliteration, synonyms, translation and elaborate purports Asian Center
AC-13484d DS 747.5 T54 1983 Chinshihuang : the entombed warriors king Tien, Leo Asian Center
AC-13488d H62.5 S64 M35 2014 Making evaluation matter : writings from South Asia Asian Center
AC-13490d HQ 1735.7 B87 1997 Burma and the role of women. Asian Center
AC-13491d PN 4748 I5 S61 1999 Melawan tirani Orde Baru Sirait, Hendrik Dikson Asian Center
AC-13494d PL 5089 A65 1978 Kalah dan menang : fajar menyingsing di bawah mega mendung patahnya pedang samurai Alisjahbana, S. Takdir Asian Center
AC-13497d DU 29 P225 1998 Pacific women speak out for independence and denuclearisation Asian Center
AC-13499d PQ 2404 A4 /I94 1978 Indiana Sand, George Asian Center
AC-13501d DS 644.4 D452 1998 Demitologisasi politik Indonesia : mengusung elitisisme dalam Orde Baru Asian Center
AC-13503d DS 799.43 A44 M6 2014 末代Sapalengaw的話 : 馬太安大頭目Unak Tafong1958年錄音重現 = Words of the last Sapalengaw : re-presenting the 1958 recordings of Fata'an Chief Unak Tafong Asian Center
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